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IS Concepts has been helping companies stay up-to-date with its computer services since 1998.

One of the biggest challenges that companies face today is keeping their information technology solutions up and running securely. Computers and networks have become critical tools that organizations rely heavily on to keep their business running. When a computer or server goes down, it can cost a business time, money and more while they try to rectify the problem.

While larger companies have dedicated IT departments that are able to handle these problems as soon as they arise, but smaller companies do not have that luxury. With resources already tight, these organizations are not able to employ IT professionals full-time to manage these systems, keep up with maintenance, address issues when they arise and suggest upgrades when they are needed.

Because of the importance of technology systems, there is increased pressure to meet all of these challenges. This is why many smaller companies are starting to partner with Managed IT Services Provides to help with these issues. This allows smaller companies to quickly gain access to qualified IT talent.

Why partner with IS Concepts

Since 1998, IS Concepts has been helping companies stay up-to-date with their networking systems. We have revolutionized the way that businesses monitor their systems and keep them running. Organizations are able to get away from employing full-time personnel to handle the day-to-day IT tasks and support, allowing them to focus on creating systems that can push a company forward.

IS Concepts essentially becomes your virtual IT department, handling all of the daily IT support demands. Our goal is to make sure that the best and most appropriate technology infrastructure is available to support the specific requirements of your business. Our process can be used by organizations in a number of different industries and bring corporate level IT support to a small/medium sized business.

Partner with IS Concepts

At IS Concepts, we handle a number of different IT systems. A brief list includes:

  • Repair/replace slow or crashed hard drives
  • Make printers print again
  • Help you get on the internet and fix slow connections
  • Contain virus activity
  • Remove spyware
  • Install virus and spyware security measures
  • Connect wireless networks
  • Secure networks from intruders
  • Assess office computer security threats
  • Help protect and back up important data
  • Perform system checkups and maintenance
  • Bring your computer up-to-date
  • Help on the go users work remotely

In many cases, our clients come to us out of the blue in the aftermath of a mess that they need to have fixed. We go into their business and audit the network to see what needs to be done and make recommendations. Then we create an action plan and show everything that IS Concepts is able to provide to the company.

Once the partnership is up and running, we will maintain daily operations remotely and conduct monthly in person visits to audit systems and address anything that needs attention.

The price depends on a number of factors. We have a formula that takes into account things like the number of servers present, number of users that will be affected, the number of visits that are required and much more.

We have a long track record of being a successful virtual IT department and saving organizations 30 to 50 percent off of their IT budgets in the process. All organizations need to do is make a phone call to IS Concepts and start the ball rolling on the process of improving IT management.

We work with your IT budget!

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